The Warfighter

An interesting image from my collection of interesting images.

A Canadian warfighter in Afghanistan

A Canadian soldier is expected to shoulder some 70 pounds of equipment when he’s on the march (he drops it to fight, obviously). Other NATO forces are similar.

Now imagine that it’s summer, you’re in Afghanistan, it’s 45 degrees in the shade and you are on patrol. Must feel like being a pack animal some days.

from the Canadian Forces Combat Camera

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6 Responses to The Warfighter

  1. rhys doiron says:

    actually Canadian soldiers carry about 90 lbs because of all the water, and they never drop there packs because Afghan children will steal them. A Canadian soldier fights runs kicks in doors and patrols with all this weight. You would carry even more if you were a C-6or C-9 gunner because of the weight of you ammunition and weapon. However the exception to this is if the soldier is attached to a LAV-3 where his main pack would be kept still though his tactical vest would weight 30 to 40 lbs because of ammo and water. Also the only NATO force that does anything close to what the Canadians do are the Americans, the other countries in Afghanistan stay on their respective bases and never fight.

  2. cobolhacker says:

    One fellow I know who was over there described one of the missions he was on. He was an American, but his group was linked up with a couple of Canadian squads for a while. Our guys had a LAV with them, but they didn’t ride in it at first. This is because it was stuffed to the gills with food, water and ammo. They had stuff strapped to the outside, too. As the mission neared its end, they had eaten/drank/shot enough of these supplies to actually be able to ride in the thing. He had no idea how long they were planning to be out there.

    I can’t find it now, but I used to have a cute picture of bunch of Canadian soldiers hanging around a LAV-3 in the middle of nowhere drinking Tim Hortons coffee. The vehicle apparently has a little hatch on the side that flips down to form a small table big enough for a coffee maker and a kettle. Pair of 120VAC plugs are included. I’m sure it has some real military purpose, but as a friend of mine from the CF used to comment, “If you leave soldiers alone for long enough, they will find a way to make coffee.”

  3. Kir Khar says:

    Shit to souls of all soldiers who did in Afghanistan, shit to soul of all Canadian and their generation who were all criminals… go to HELL all Canadian

  4. Kursk says:

    Why don’t you go to the ‘stan and do something about it Kir Khan?

    Or are you just another Jr.Jihadist hiding behind a computer?

    May i suggest to you sir, in regards to you comments..right back at you?

  5. cobolhacker says:

    Some people take things way too personally, I guess.

  6. popemobile says:

    Kir Khar,where are you from?Stop acting like a jerk you don’t have guts,you say that just because you are behind a computer,you’d probably get your butt kicked if you’d say that in front of one these men and women.

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